Speakers Positioning – Ensuring Optimal Sound

Speakers Positioning - Ensuring Optimal Sound

Your speakers are often one of the main contributors to the quality of entertainment that you enjoy. You will find that there are few better ways to improve your music than enhancing the quality of your sound. There are more ways to improve the quality of your home sound system than the obvious, however.

While most would assume that you may need a new sound system to enjoy the benefits of quality sound fully, you will find that is not the only method at your disposal. Another option you have available is to change the positioning of your speakers, so it works ideally with your room.

Speaker stands in living room

Speaker placement is exactly what we are going to be looking at today. There are quite a few ways to place speakers, and we are going to give you a guide to properly position them for the best listening qualities.

Stereo Speaker Placement

The first thing to consider is where you should place stereo speakers. Stereo speakers work in tandem to provide stereo sound, which produces sound from a left channel and a right channel for more varied audio capabilities. Stereo sound was the predecessor to surround sound, and it is quite a bit simpler.

When placing your stereo speakers, you will want to ensure that your speakers are projecting your sound in the longest direction. If your room is longer in one direction than in another, you will ideally want to place your desk against the back wall of one of these longer sides.

Once your desk has been placed correctly, you will want to put your speakers, so they are pointing directly down the length of the room, hopefully equidistant from each other. If your speakers are placed at an equal distance from each other, you will have clear, balanced sound.

Stereo Speaker Placement

You will typically want to ensure that your speakers are not too close to the wall, but you also don’t want them to be too far away from the wall. What you should do is test out different distances with a track that you are familiar with. This will ensure that you can recognize more minute differences in the sound.

You will not want your speakers to be too close to your wall, as that will diminish the audio quality. Even if your room is relatively small, you will want to ensure that your speakers are at least two feet away from the wall if you are looking to ensure optimal sound quality.

How To Mount Speakers On Wall

If you are looking to mount your speakers on your walls, you will have to decide between a few different types of wall mounts. You will find that some types of mountings are more permanent than others. For example, some will be harder to remove, but they will also provide a more secure fit.

The most common method used to attach speaker mounts to a wall is simply through drilling them into the wall. This ensures that it will be difficult for you speakers to fall off of the wall from excessive noise vibrations. This attachment method also has the advantage regarding simplicity.


When it comes time to setup speakers, you will have to decide on a method, if you prefer stereo listening, you will find that you can simply follow our earlier advice. While our stereo speaker positioning advice was mainly meant for users of desktop speakers, you will find that the principles are the same for wall-mounted models.

If you wish to set up a surround sound system, you will conclude that it will be slightly different to setting up a stereo sound system. The matter of how to set up speakers in a room depends on the type of the speakers and the type of sound that you are searching for.

Best Speaker Placement For Surround Sound

You will want the center speaker in a surround sound system to be positioned directly in front of you. If you have a particularly big monitor or screen, you will want to opt for an attachment method that will allow your speaker to get out of the shadow of your display.

While some may assume that there is no issue with having your speaker positioned behind your display, you will find that this diminishes the audio quality. Regardless of your speakers, you will always want to ensure that there are no obstructions between you and the source of sound if you want the best audio quality.

The next step in how to set up surround sound speakers is to ensure that the speakers are all positioned at the same distance from you, so the sound is more even. If your speakers are placed at the same distance, you will find that they form a circle when viewed from above, and this is what you want.

set up surround sound speakers

The best speaker placement for surround sound is ensuring that the next two speakers after the center model will be around 45 to 60 degrees off center. This arrangement ensures that you do not heavily disperse the sound. After this, you will have to place your next speakers at around 90 degrees to yourself.

Most surround sound speaker setups will work ideally if the speaker is positioned slightly behind the listener, as this gives more of a feeling of being surrounded. When the speakers are placed directly next to you, you will find that there is not as much of a sense of immersion when they are slightly behind you.


As you can see, the positioning of your speakers is not an exceedingly difficult matter to get right. From stereo to surround sound, speaker positioning is one of the most important parts of home audio.

We hope that our guide to speakers positioning has helped you in getting ready to set up your room for the best sound quality possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave them down in the comments below.

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