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The 5 Best Solid Wood Speaker Stands

Speaker stands are designed to improve audio quality by bringing sound closer to the ears for an optimal listening experience. Speaker stands come with a wide sound angle through which to distribute sound waves and also typically improve the bass. 

Whether you are looking for a stand for your boom box speaker or entire home theater surround  sound system, our selection has got you covered.  Here is our review of the 5 best solid wood speaker stands. 

Most speaker stands are generally effective,  but not all of them are designed to serve the same purpose. Read on to find the right stand for you.

1. Speaker Stands Solid Wood Speaker Stand

If you're looking for a chic yet practical stand, these solid wood speaker stands are an excellent choice. These amazing speaker stands combine fashion and function with a 25-degree design that makes them look appealing regardless of where they are facing. 

In addition, the upper tray, lower tray, and middle wooden section are adorned with a textured leather finish that adds to the elegant design. 

To prevent your expensive speakers from falling, the stands are constructed with thick solid wood that gives them a strong foundation. What’s more, the upper trey has a stable anti-slip pad, and the lower tray has excellent shock resistance - all of which provide a tight grip to keep your speakers in place regardless of how loud you choose to turn them up.

You can even raise the angle of your speakers for a wider sound distribution if you feel like the sound field is too low. For maximum stability, fill the middle columns with sand and your speaker stands will be able to support a load of up to 100 kgs.These wooden speaker stands are designed for a modern living room. 

The solid wood material is durable with a high density and environmentally friendly. The stands are also quite easy to set up, as they come with self-adhesive cable management clips that you can use to bind cables and keep them out of the way.


  • Dimensions – 28 x 24 x 50 cm
  • Color – Brown 
  • Weight (single stand) – 3.6 kg
  • Upper and lower trays – High density MDF
  • Middle column – Thick solid wood
  • Load capacity – 100 kg


  • Stable construction
  • Simple, elegant design 
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Easy to set up
  • Upper and lower trays are reinforced with anti-slip pad for optimal stability
  • Can support a large load of up to 100kgs according to the manufacturer
  • Middle section can be filled with sand to increase stability


  • Hardwood material may be susceptible to water damage if the padded trays leak

These multifunctional speaker stands are well built and excellent at sound improvement. The design helps make them useful in both informal and formal settings. What distinguishes these speaker stands from others are their unique, stylish look. The stands also allow for a great and adjustable sound angle.

The base of the stands are designed to withstand damage from rough floors or mats, and their bodies are polished and made resistant to wear.

They are available in two colors: brown and wood. The stands come in various sizes to accommodate different speakers.


  • sizes – 24*28*90 cm | 9.4*11*35.4 inches24*28*30 cm | 9.4*11*11.8 inches24*28*15 cm | 9.4*11*5.9 inches24*28*40 cm | 9.4*11*15.7 inches24*28*50 cm | 9.4*11*19.6 inches24*28*70 cm | 9.4*11*27.5 inches24*28*60 cm | 9.4*11*23.6 inches24*28*80 cm | 9.4*11*31.4 inches
  • Weight – 13.23 lbs
  • Color – Brown, wood color
  • Materials – Wood
  • Specific Product Usage – Indoor use only
  • Function – Stable anti-skid, reduce vibration, easy lift
  • Applicable scene – bedrooms, study rooms, recording studios, meeting rooms, home entertainment, etc.


  • The speaker stands are wear-resistant
  • They improve speaker sound by increasing the sound angle
  • They are useful for multiple functions
  • The speaker stands are more balanced due to their widened bases
  • Sold as a pair


  • Not recommended for heavy speakers

Ninehorn LLC wood speaker stands are made durable with an interior made of wood. The exteriors come with a leather-textured veneer, ensuring quality and aesthetic design.

The speaker stands are affordable, sold in pairs, and could be useful in a variety of scenarios - meetings, recording studios, personal rooms, and even offices. 

With the mounting device that is included, you can aim accurately in the direction comfortable for listeners. Moreover, wood stands have an advantage over metal and even plastic stands. Sounds from wooden boards vibrate less than their metal or plastic counterparts.

There's stability with the Ninehorn's speaker stands. Although the weight is considerable, the metal or foam spikes fixed beneath the bases make them easily movable. These spikes ensure stability regardless of the material of the floor.


  • Package dimensions – 23.5 x 12 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight – 19.96 lbs
  • Load capacity – 70lbs per stand
  • Color – Black color
  • Materials – MDF wood with PVC Veneer, metal spikes
  • Specific Product Usage – Indoor use only
  • Function – Reduce vibration
  • Include – 8 metal spikes, foam spikes, and self-adhesive cable ties
  • Applicable scene – study rooms, bedrooms, recording studios, home theater, meeting rooms, etc.


  • The wood and leather-textured veneer design of the stands present a clean and neat look
  • The speaker stands make for a better sound angle
  • The considerable weight ensures the speaker stands are balanced
  • The sturdy base allows them to suit several floor types
  • They are simpler to assemble than most speaker stands
  • Their hollow centers allows for wires to be managed smartly


  • Their weight makes them disadvantageous for most functions
  • Their bases could be harmful to most floors
  • Their veneers are susceptible to wear

Bimiti Speaker Stands are attractive mounting devices with wood grain leather surfaces. These stands distinguish themselves from others with elaborate wood designs and wood grain veneers. This piece of furniture is designed to blend in with your interior, thereby ensuring the room sports a premium look.

They’re made of wood with convenient weights. Like others, to create more stability, you can add sand to the hollow body thanks to a provisioned sand irrigation function. Moreover, sturdiness is ensured with the EVA isolation pads provided for the base of the speakers. There's also the option of using brass or rubber spikes to secure the stands to any floor type.

An acoustic speaker is more effective when mounted on stands, and wood stands like the Bimiti stands tend to be the most popular because of their lower vibrational tendencies. The Bimiti speaker stands also outpace most other wooden pieces with their 36" height - and optimal listening height according to the manufacturer. 

One admirable feature of the stands are their densities. Bimiti Speaker Stands are made of medium density wood to ensure resonance sits at an appropriate range.


  • Package dimensions – 27.56 x 11.42 x 8.66 inches
  • Weight – 23.4 lbs
  • Height – 36 inches
  • Color – Black in combination with wood color
  • Materials – Wood 
  • Specific Product Usage: Indoor use only
  • Function – Anti-skid, reduces vibration
  • Include – Brass spikes, rubber spikes
  • Applicable scene – bedrooms, recording studios, meeting rooms, etc


  • Stand heights optimal for listening
  • The speaker stands match most room furniture
  • They’re made of medium density yet high quality wood
  • The sand irrigation function allows for increased stability
  • The brass and rubber spikes allow them to be placed on various floors types
  • The exteriors are made to prevent peeling and cracks
  • Installation is simple
  • The hollow bodies allow for smart wire management. 


  • Unsuitable for speakers with much weight

Edifier SS02 wood grain speaker stands sport a wooden look with a veneer finish provided on two sides. Like all speaker stands, the SS02 elevates speakers to the ear level to produce an optimal sound suitable for home or office entertainment. 

These classy speaker stands are sturdy, thanks to the strong wood used for their construction. Because of this strength, the stands can bear the weight of various speakers placed on them. 

The SS02s have hollow bodies that allow cables to be smartly managed. The hollow bodies, when filled with sand, ensure each stand gains more stability. The rubber pads at the base of the stands provide more stability and are less likely to cause damage to floors.

One fascinating advantage the Edifier SS02 speaker stands have over competitors is the warranty declaration. The manufacturer guarantees the unit’s durability for at least two years - with warranty support in the US and Canada.

Assembling the SS02 is simple and requires minimal technical knowledge.

According to the product description, the Edifier SS02 speaker stands are sold in pairs.


  • Package dimensions – 28.4 x 18.9 x 11.4 inches
  • Weight – 38.5 lbs
  • Height – 36 inches
  • Color – Wood Grain in combination with black
  • Materials – Wood 
  • Specific Product Usage – indoor use only
  • Function – Anti-skid, reduces vibration
  • Include – Brass spikes, rubber spikes
  • Applicable scene – Recording studios, bedrooms, meeting rooms, etc
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • Hollowed bodies provisioned for sand filling allow for improved stability
  • Offers two years warranty within the US and Canada
  • Easy to assemble
  • The stands are sturdy with a great look
  • The spike foot at the base of each allows placement on a variety of floors
  • Each stand is made of hard, durable wood


  • They are slightly heavy and not recommended for use in an environment frequented by kids

Buying Guide

There's a wide variety of solid wood speaker stands available on the market, and the options on this list are packed with a variety of useful features. There are stands capable of withstanding heavy loads and others with enticing and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Each model is slightly different, so we’ve prepared a buying guide to ensure you get the stands that fit your specific needs.


The Best Overall Solid Wood Speaker Stands

The Edifier SS02 speaker stands are the best overall on our list. They sport a stylish design and a sturdy feel with their personalization technologies. Among the five featured products on our list, the SS02 is the only one with a warranty. Additionally, durability and strength are the key features of these stands.


Best Budget Wood Speaker Stands

If you're looking to get the best speaker stands on a budget, consider the Speaker Stands Monitor Speakers. They’re durable, wear-resistant, and made of wood. The stands come in pairs and different sizes at an affordable price.


Best Heavy-duty Wood Speaker Stands

If you need a solid wood stand capable of withstanding heavy load, the 9horn 24 inch Wood Speaker Stands are the ideal choice. With a load capacity of 70lb, each stand has metal spikes at its base, creating a sturdy foundation for any size speaker.


Best Stylish Wood Speaker Stands

The Solid Wood Speaker Stands are the most fashionable stands on our list. Each comes with a modern, 25-degree design, and leather accents complement this elegant design. Both upper and lower trays are also carefully adorned with textured leather.


Best Wood Speaker Stands For Sound Quality

Bimiti Wood Grain Speaker Stands are the best on our list for efficient sound rendering. The high-quality wood withstands loads as well as reduces resonance. With the stands’ heights of 36", sounds from speakers are better directed to the ear for optimal listening.


Final Thoughts

Whether you need durable stands or elegant ones, we have all the options you may need here. We hope our outline of the various speaker stands currently available helps you make an informed decision when it comes time to buy your new speaker enhancers. 


Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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