Mount-It! Universal Fit Speaker Stands Review: The Right Fit for You?

Mount-It! Universal Fit Speaker Stands Review

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Since we are going to be reviewing a pair of speaker stands today, we thought it was fitting that we would start the review off by discussing speaker stands in a more general fashion. You may be thinking that speaker stands are an oddly particular product to be reviewing, but you will see that they are quite necessary.

You may be wondering whether or not speaker stands are truly necessary, so we will go over a few of the applications in which they may be ideally used. The first reason why speaker stands are so popular is that they allow you to position the speakers at a better height for the propagation of sound waves.

You may be wondering why your speakers would have to be placed so precisely. The proper placement of speakers is one of the most crucial things that you can do to improve the audio quality in a room. If you want to drastically augment the capabilities of your speakers without buying a new set, try positioning them in a better way.

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit

The positioning of your speakers is quite simple if you buy a set of desktop stereo speakers, but the more complex your sound system, the more difficult it will get to place your speakers. If you are hoping to ensure that your surround sound speakers are placed ideally without making use of wall mounts, you will find that speaker stands are ideal.

If you want your room, studio, or office space to have uniform, high quality audio, the placement of your speakers is just as important as the power on them. Wrong placement can cause certain areas or zones in a space to have a much lower sound quality than others, which can ruin your music or movie experience.

Speaker stands provide a spot for you to place your speakers which is independent of other tables and fixtures in your home. If you have a proper set of speaker stands, you won’t have to worry about repositioning tables and other things around the house to ensure that you have somewhere to place your speakers.


One of the most crucial aspects of your speaker stands that will have to be considered before you make your purchase is the size of them. Larger speakers stands will have a few advantages over their smaller counterparts, but you will find that there is a point where your stand can get too large and suffer drawbacks.

A larger speaker stand will simply be able to fit larger speakers, so this will make it more versatile. Speaker stands which are bigger will also tend to be higher off the ground than smaller models, which allows you to place your speakers behind taller obstacles and still be able to hear them clearly.

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit

The larger your speaker stand, the more it will cost, however. If you are trying to save money while making your purchase, you will have to compromise between size and affordability. Larger speaker stands will also be harder for you to position in your home as they will take up more space.

Small speaker stands, on the other hand, will be more convenient for you to position and they will also be more affordable. The only problem that they have is that they will not be able to fit more powerful speakers, as they may not fit. Even if more powerful speakers fit on a smaller stand, you may find that the vibrations from these speakers can knock over the stand.

About The Product

This set of speaker stands is made by Mount-It!, this company is the largest mounting brand in the USA, so you can rest assured that this is a quality product. Thanks to a combination of helpful features and excellent build quality, you will find that this is an excellent choice.



  • Made of tempered glass to prevent any possible injuries from breakage
  • Features a maximum weight capacity of 22 pounds
  • ​Features a height of 18.25 inches
  • ​Surface features a length of 9.75 inches and a width of 7.75 inches
  • ​Base features a length of 11.75 inches and a width of 9.75 inches
  • Features a cable management system built into the supporting column
  • Available in a choice of two colors: glossy black, and metallic silver
  • Comes in a set of two speaker stands


These speaker stands are one of the more stylish models that you will come across. The inclusion of a glass top ensures that they feature high quality regarding both looks and construction. This glass is tempered, which ensures that these speaker stands will be safe, even if they end up breaking.

Tempered glass is high quality glass that stays together in one piece even if it’s damaged and has high impact protection against accidental bumps or falling over.

These speaker stands are ideally made for bookshelf speakers as well as smaller wireless surround sound speakers. They are, however, also useful with wired speakers as they come included with a built-in system for cable management which runs straight through the thicker support column.

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit

These speakers also come included with carpet spikes, which may be removed. The 22 pound capacity of these speaker stands ensures that they can be used for several different types of speakers, as long as they are small enough to fit on the surface of the stand.


What Others Say

We have also taken a look at customer reviews, which will allow us to get a better feel for the capabilities of this product in the long run. Most clients praised these speaker stands for their relative ease of assembly when they are compared to other types of similar products.

Some customers had issues with the cable management system, stating that it is not very helpful and that it can be difficult to thread a wire through the column.

If you ‘re someone who wants to set up your room in a certain way and make sure that there are minimum visible wires, you might have to put some more time and effort while setting up these stands.

However, you can check out this article about how to hide speaker wires for effective ways to optimize your setup.

Buying Advice

These speaker stands are much more affordable than some of the other options that you may come across. Unlike budget speaker stand options, you will find that these feature sufficient quality to be well worth the price and more. While speaker stands from other companies can be quite expensive because of the brand name associated with them, these stands come in a high quality construction and durable support for a relatively inexpensive price. You can find these speakers on Amazon for around 60 dollars.


Keeping your speaker elevated and sturdy can be a difficult task without the right stands for your setup. You need something that won’t easily topple over, keep your speakers elevated, and provide the basis for high quality audio in a uniform manner. This article is a Mount-It! Universal Fit Speaker Stands review that outlines its features.

We hope that this review has helped you make an informed decision on if these stands are the right fit for you. If you’re interested in similar topics, we have a large number of informational articles, reviews, and buying guides on our website that you should definitely check out!


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