Mount-It! Speaker Stands Set Review: The Right Choice for You?

Mount-It! Speaker Stand Set Review

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You have a few options available when it comes time to position your speakers. You will see that some methods are more effective than others for a variety of reasons. Before we get to our review of one of our favorite speaker stands, we figured that we would go over some of the options for alternative placement.

One of the most common choices for the placement of speakers is on a desk. This is a decent choice when you are looking for a spot to position speakers which are meant to be used on with your computer. Unfortunately, most desks don’t tend to be broad enough to provide a good setup for most speakers.

Your speakers have to be positioned at a reasonable distance from each other if you want to ensure that you get the best sound quality. This gives you the stereo effect of sound and ensures that the whole room gets an even and uniform audio experience.

Another spot that you can place your speakers is on tables and other platforms that can be found around the house. Putting speakers on a raised platform greatly improves the audio quality and will enhance your music or movie watching experience.

This is an ideal option if you are looking for spots for surround-sound speakers. Unfortunately, this may lead to you needing to reposition end tables and other pieces of furniture.

Ensuring that your speakers are in equal positions is one of the most crucial parts of setting up your sound system. Uneven positioning will make for uneven sound.

Mount-It! 2 Satellite Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver (MI-28S)

Another option you have when it comes time to position your speakers is the use of wall mounts. Wall-mounted speakers have the advantage of staying out of your way and allowing you to position your speakers almost anywhere you wish. They do have a few disadvantages, however.

You will find that wall mounts are one of the most challenging choices when it comes to installation, as they will often have to be drilled directly into your walls. They are also more permanent, as you can’t exactly undo a hole that has been drilled into the wall.


The feet that come included with your speaker stand are an important aspect to consider before you decide to make your purchase. They can change the quality of the sound, which may sound surprising to some of our readers, and the feet can also change how easy it is to position your speaker stand.

speaker stand feet

Some speaker stands feature feet that are in the form of spikes. Acoustic spikes are often used to position professional speakers as they ensure that the speaker remains properly coupled with the ground. A coupled speaker is one that will sound better as it will be affected by less integral vibrations.

Spikes are unique, however, as they also ensure that the speaker or speaker stand is not coupled with the floor. If a speaker is coupled to your floor, you will find that the vibrations from the floor and the rest of your house can be transferred to the speaker itself and change the quality of your sound.

There are other types of feet aside from spikes, however. You will find that some speaker stands come included with rubber pads for feet to ensure that they don’t end up damaging your flooring. Floor damage from speaker stands is possible, especially if the music is played loudly enough to vibrate the stand. You should keep this in mind if you have home floors that are easily scratched or damaged by sharp objects.

About The Product

If you are looking for the most effective speaker stand on the market, this is a strong competitor. This model is made by Mount-It!, one of the leading brands of mounting equipment in America, if not worldwide.



  • Comes included with a pair of stands for use with stereo speaker setups
  • Features dimensions of 7.75 inches x 9.75 inches for the top shelf
  • Features dimensions of 9.75 inches x 11.75 inches for the bottom shelf
  • The speaker stands are 18.25 inches tall
  • The top shelf is made out of temperd glass which is 0.5 inches thick
  • The aluminum support pillar is hollow to allow for cable management
  • Features a max weight capacity of 22 pounds for larger speakers
  • Comes included with all needed tools and instructions for assembly


We were highly impressed by these speaker stands when we first opened the box. The first thing we noticed was the brushed aluminum sheen on the columns. Let it be known that these are some of the most stylish and attractive speaker stands that we have ever reviewed.

Mount-It! 2 Satellite Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver (MI-28S)

The inclusion of tempered glass ensures the even the shelves on these speaker stands are an attractive part of them. This also makes sure that you will be safe in the unfortunate event that the top of one of the stands ends up breaking, as the tempered glass is much less likely to cut you.

The max weight capacity of these stands is sufficient to hold most speakers that will fit on them, so they are quite versatile, regardless of your intended application. These stands are also quite easy to assemble, with both of them being completed within 30 minutes of coming out of the box.


What Others Say

We have also gone over some customer reviews and testimonials so you can get a better idea of the consumer experience for these products. This product was highly praised by buyers for its ease of assembly, which is something that we expected while we were making our examination of it.

There were a few minor complaints about this product as well. Some customers were disappointed with this product’s performance on harder floors, as the attached bolts can still damage your flooring, even when the included spikes are unscrewed.

To make sure that you don’t run into this problem, you can lay down some carpet or anything with traction under your speaker stands so your floor isn’t damaged. However, if you have wooden flooring or something that scuffs easily, these might not be the best fit for you.

Buying Advice

This set of speaker stands is one of the more affordable options you have available. While they are reasonably priced, these stands still feature better quality than much of the competition. You can purchase this set of speaker stands for around 60 dollars on Amazon.

Compared to other options from different brands, these are relatively inexpensive for the features they offer. 


Speaker stands are an important part of your audio setup. You need to ensure that they look great, fit in with the aesthetics of your home decor, and provide durable and sturdy support to your audio equipment. Mount-It! makes great speaker stands that provide you with all these qualities and are also quite affordable compared to other options on the market.

This is a Mount-It! Speaker Stands Set review that outlines the best features of the product. We hope that this review has helped you make an informed choice about if these are the right speaker stands for you. 

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If you want the best speaker stands for the money, there are few better options than these. These speaker stands from Mount-It! are also far more attractive than much of the competition.


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