How to Make a Speaker Stand: 13 DIY Methods

How to Make a Speaker Stand

A speaker stand is more than simply a piece of furniture in your home. It helps your speaker's sound quality improve. 

It also keeps your speakers off the ground and away from things that could harm them, such as water damage, inadvertent kicks, and so on. It’s, therefore, important to have a speaker stand if you have speakers in your home.

Making a speaker stand yourself is a fantastic idea instead of buying one. This isn’t just simple to put together, but it's also inexpensive and quite unique. You can also utilize the money you've saved to upgrade your speaker system. 

Pre-made table legs, concrete blocks, scrap wood, heavy-gauge wire, and a number of other items can all be used to make your own speaker stand. If you’re wondering how to make a speaker stand, here are some creative DIY speaker stand ideas.

How to Make a Speaker Stand Yourself

1. Plywood Speaker Stand

This one-of-a-kind plywood speaker stand will make streaming music more enjoyable for you. Making this stand in the ideal height allows you to position your speakers in a manner that produces crisp sound, where you'll get to hear all the notes and enjoy a terrific audio experience. 

How to Make a Speaker Stand

Although making this speaker stand necessitates a significant amount of time and effort, it's worth it if you want a one-of-a-kind speaker stand. Materials you’ll need for this DIY include plywood, clamps, a circular saw, a miter saw, a cordless drill, foam, stain, screws, and primer. 

Follow these steps to make the speaker stand:

  • First, use adhesive to adhere the boards together. Clamp them in place and let them dry. 
  • Sand the board's edges to make them look smoother and use a saw to cut two pieces of plywood. This will be for the bottom and the top of the speaker stand. Ensure that you cut it to fit your speakers' dimensions. 
  • On a scrap piece of plywood, sketch out the angle of the speaker stand's legs. Cut them out to the desired height to form the base of the speaker.
  • Next, drill holes in the plywood's top and bottom bases. Assemble the legs with screws in such a way that the stand seems tilted and slanting.
  • Finally, apply a primer and wood stain to give it a finished look.

2. Wooden Speaker Stand

A wooden speaker stand will save you money while also giving your space a nice look. Materials you’ll need for this include two wooden plant stands, paint, cinder blocks, and primer. 

Cinder blocks are really heavy, which is why you should always be certain that anything you put them on is capable of supporting their weight. For this reason, it’s critical to build a solid wooden stand that's both steady and sturdy. 

Here are the steps to follow to build this speaker stand:

  • The first step is to purchase two plant stands that are identical in size and shape. These strong plant stands can be found at your local hardware store.
  • Next, go out and get two cinder blocks to put on the plant stands. The cinder blocks must be smaller in width and length compared to the top of the plant stand for this to work. The cinder blocks will be less likely to tumble off the platform.
  • Because cinder blocks aren’t very appealing materials, you can paint them to look better.
  • After doing this, use a sealer to provide the cinder blocks a finished appearance.
  • Finally, set your speakers on the cinder blocks and you’re ready to listen to music. 

3. Bookshelf Speaker Stand

Making a speaker stand out of a bookshelf can be a fantastic idea that saves you a lot of cash. This kind of speaker stand is in a contemporary style that’s elegant and intriguing. 

To make this DIY project, you’ll need a hand saw, screws, a ruler, paint, an electric drill machine, primer, and a drawer front (6 of 60x16cm) and (2 of 60x26cm). 

Here’s how to make a speaker stand at home using this method:

  • To begin, cut two huge panels of your drawer front into two. These will serve as the top and the bottom of the speaker stand, respectively.
  • Next, drill out holes in three tiny panels. Your speaker stand should have one panel on the back and two panels on the sides.
  • After that, put the panels together to make leg supports. Using screws, secure the corners of the rear panel to the sides of the other two panels on all four corners.
  • Drill three holes in the base and at the top, and also on the support.
  • Attach the top panel onto the supports and do the same thing with the base panel.
  • Finally, apply a coat of paint to your speaker stand.

4. Retro Speaker Stand

This DIY speaker stand is ideal for anyone who enjoys incorporating retro elements into their home decor. Vinyl is an essential component of any old music system. This vintage speaker is constantly resurfacing. 

Therefore, if you want to include it into your home décor, you'll need to have a stylish speaker stand. Materials you’ll need for this include a saw, a drill machine, a wood sander, wood polish, a large solid wood plank, and wood stain. 

Follow these instructions to make a retro speaker stand:

  • The wooden board must first be split into two square pieces.
  • Then, using the waste piece of wood, cut two little legs.
  • Drill holes in the wooden boards and legs, and use screws to secure them together.
  • Next, attach the two squares you cut out previously to the legs, one on top and one on the bottom.
  • The next step is to apply a wood stain to the stand. Select a color that will provide your speaker stand with a retro feel.
  • Use a primer to add some shine to the speaker stand.

5. X-Legged Speaker Stand

The creation of this contemporary furniture piece isn’t difficult. All it takes is a little time and work. Materials you’ll require include wood pieces, screws, a saw, a drill machine, paint, metal brackets, and polyurethane. 

To optimize the space that your speaker stand may take up, measure the space of your room before building this DIY speaker stand. 

Follow these steps to make your own X-legged speaker stand:

  • To begin, cut the wooden pieces in the shape of the legs.
  • Drill small holes in the legs to make it easier to attach them to the top console.
  • Metal brackets should be attached to the bottom of the top console.
  • After that, put the legs together in the shape of an X and screw them to the top console.
  • Finally, give your speaker stand a coat of paint and a coat of polyurethane primer. 

6. Wall-Mounted Speaker Stand

This space-saving speaker stand is extremely inexpensive and convenient, which is why it’s so popular in modern-style homes. It can fit into even the tiniest of areas. Materials you’ll need to build this DIY speaker stand include a wooden plank, a metal bracket, paint, a metal wire, and a drill machine. 

You'll need to be somewhat imaginative to make this speaker stand. You won't need to worry about finding the necessary tools and materials because the ones listed above are readily available at any local DIY store.

After building this charming wall-mounted speaker stand, you'll be able to keep your speaker at a good listening level, which will result in high-quality audio. After you've completed your DIY stand, ensure your speakers are clean and dust-free because they might lose their sound quality if they’re not maintained.

7. Tripod-Style Minimalist Speaker Stand

This contemporary minimalist speaker stand is especially suitable for an area where modern décor has been displayed. It can also be readily adjusted in compact places, making it an excellent addition to your media center. 

You can pretty much put it wherever you want. The materials you’ll need for this DIY project include adhesive glue, a drill machine, a wooden plank, metal brackets, iron rod legs, and some screws. 

Follow these steps:

  • Cut the hardwood board into a square and sand it to smoothen it out. Next, drill three holes in the wooden plank and one hole at the top of each leg.
  • Connect the legs in such a way that the stand resembles a tripod. Attach the legs to the plank with screws. Then, using adhesive glue, secure metal brackets to the bottom of every leg.
  • Finally, paint the legs to complete the aesthetic of your speaker stand.

You'll have a sleek, stylish tripod speaker stand to proudly display your speakers if you properly follow these instructions.

8. PVC Speaker Stand

Because PVC is so adaptable, it can also be utilized to construct a speaker stand. PVC pipes aren’t just for plumbing because they can also be a unique component of your home's decor. Materials you’ll need for this include a PVC pipe, spray paint, glue, wood stain, sand, and two pieces of birch plywood. 

  • The first thing you need to do is purchase a PVC pipe and two sheets of birch plywood first.
  • Next, spray paint the PVC pipe to give it a new look.
  • Join the PVC pipe to the piece of plywood at the bottom using an adhesive glue that’s of good quality.
  • Load up your PVC pipe with sand to make it stable and heavy.
  • Using adhesive, attach the other piece of plywood to the top of the PVC pipe.
  • Finally, use a primer and a wood stainer to provide a finished look to both the bottom and top of your speaker stand.

9. Desktop Speaker Stand

Materials you’ll need to build this desktop speaker stand include 2 wooden chopping boards, a drill machine, screws, adhesive glue, a screwdriver, a metal bracket, and 4 adjustable steel legs. 

Keep in mind that you should take measurements of your speakers before working on a speaker stand. This will prevent you from making any adjustments to your finished stand that aren't necessary.

  • To make this DIY speaker stand, start by deciding which side of the wooden chopping board you want to use. The speaker stand's top will be occupied by this board. After that, turn it over.
  • Align the legs with the chopping board's corner area. After that, mark the location of the holes with a marker or pencil.
  • Next, drill holes in the designated regions and use screws to secure the legs in place.
  • Then, to provide support to the legs, glue metal brackets to their bottoms.
  • Finally, flip the stand back over to ensure that it’s stable. 

10. Multi-functional Speaker Stand

A suitable speaker height is essential for optimal sound quality. You can do this by setting the speaker to a level where you believe it will deliver excellent sound quality. 

Materials you’ll need to build this simple speaker stand include a saw, 2 thick wooden boards, 3 wooden slabs, adhesive glue, a wooden stainer, a wood sander machine, a saw, and a sealer or primer. 

  • The first thing you need to do is shape the wooden boards and slabs using a saw. It's important to remember that the wooden slabs have to be longer than the wooden boards.
  • Next, sand all of the boards for a smoother appearance.
  • After that, use glue to join these wooden slabs together. There will be two slabs on every side and one in the back.
  • Glue together the bottom and the top of the stand.
  • Use a wood stain to color your speaker stand. 
  • Seal the paint using a primer. This will also create a layer of luster.

11. Two-Column Speaker Stand

Do you want a fashionable speaker stand for your speaker? This DIY speaker stand design in the twin layout is the answer. This unique stand is entirely constructed of wood and will provide a rustic touch to your living area. 

Materials you’ll need for this include a hammer, nails, wood stain, 2 wooden planks, and 2 wooden boards. All of these items may be found at any local hardware store. To construct this speaker stand, start by attaching the wooden planks to the speaker stand's foundation, which is the bottom wooden plank. 

Use nails and a hammer to do this. Attach a wooden plank to the twin wooden boards after that to make the top. Finish it off with a stain to give it a more rustic appearance.

12. Pallet Wood Speaker Stand

Crates made of pallet wood can also be used to make speaker stands for your home. If you’re wondering how to make a speaker stand in the quickest way possible, this might be it. 

A speaker stand is perhaps the most significant component of a media console, although few people pay attention to it. A few screws, a couple wood pallets, and a hammer are all you'll need to make this easy platform. 

The nicest part about this speaker stand is that it takes very little time to complete, sometimes even less than an hour to put together. Although this speaker stand might take up more space than other speaker stands, this stunning piece of furniture will give your home's media center a refined look.

13. Cinder Block Speaker Stand

Due to its intricate shape, this concrete stylish speaker stand may appear difficult to build. However, it’s by far among the simplest DIY speaker stands you can build. 

Only 3 materials are needed for this DIY project: cement mortar, 5 cinder blocks, and paint. Instead of cinder blocks, you can also use second-hand concrete blocks. Make sure that they’re in good condition. 

The first step is to place one cinder block on top of the cement mortar. Then, using the cement mortar again, lay another cinder block. Continue in this manner until all of the blocks have been placed. The aim of adding the cement mortar is to bind the blocks. 

To finish, paint your cinder block tower to make the appearance appealing. You can now enjoy listening to music stylishly by placing your speakers on your newly designed industrial stylish speaker stand.


Without a speaker stand, even the best sound system doesn't get to produce the highest-quality sound because of the speaker's poor positioning. Subwoofers and tweeters must be aligned properly for balanced sound quality. 

If you're concerned about the quality of sound your speakers generate, a speaker stand is essential. Now that you know how to make a speaker stand, there are a plethora of choices for holding the speaker in an appropriate position. 

You only need to consider your preferences, resources, external factors, and adjacent décor. Anybody should be able to easily set up a reliable stand on which to mount the speakers.

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