Keeping Audio Clean – Tips on How to Hide Speaker Wires

Keeping Audio Clean - Tips On How To Hide Speaker Wires

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Most audiophiles will be acquainted with the arduous process of setting up a perfect sound system.

There are so many things that you must account for while you are ensuring that you have the best speaker setup. You have to consider the angles at which your speakers are placed when compared to their distances, for one.

You also have to consider the floor that your speakers are placed on, as it may end up damaged or it can even diminish the quality of the sound which comes from your speakers. It seems that even once your setup has been completed, there are issues which can simply pop up and make the process even more arduous.


If you are looking to ensure that your listening setup is ideal, there comes the point where you may have to hide speaker wire. We all know that cables provide the best sound fidelity, so we aren’t even going to try and recommend that you go wireless, but we will offer some advice on hiding speaker wire.

How To Hide Speaker Wire

Here’s our recommendation for hiding the speaker wire:

Best Way To Hide Speaker Wire On The Ground

If you are looking to conceal the speaker wires that are on the floor, you have quite a few options. One of the more simple methods is to run the speaker wires along the bottom of your walls. This will ensure that your speakers will remain in the crease where the floor meets the wall and can then be easily covered up.

Cable Management

When you get to a hallway or similar junction that must be crossed, however, you have a few options to ensure that your speaker wires do not get underfoot.

You will find that one of the more challenging options is to drill holes in the floor for wiring. If you choose this method, you must ensure that you don’t compromise your floor’s integrity.

After you’re done with drilling holes in the floor and inserting the wires, make sure that you patch up the remaining area so that it doesn’t look unseemly. Hiding speaker wires is important but it shouldn’t come with the compromise of your floor looking broken.

How To Hide Speaker Wire On Wall

If your speakers are placed on your walls, and you want to keep your wires positioned on the walls as well, you may have to put a bit more thought into your solution.

You can always invest in invisible speaker wires, which are meant to blend into the color of their surroundings. This makes them significantly harder to see.

Invisible wires are made in a way that they’re almost completely transparent and bend light around them. They’re, of course, visible on close inspection but they’re a great option to have if you cannot hide your wires behind the speaker setup. Black wires on white walls can especially look out of place in a clean audio setup.

No Wire On Wall

Another option that you have is to make use of speaker wire coverings, which sit over your speaker wires and keep them concealed. While this option is less effective at ensuring that your walls are unaltered, you will find that speaker wire coverings provide much more protection for the wires themselves.

Perhaps the most efficient way is to run the wires through your walls, but this will make it much harder to adjust your wiring and access it. Another problem this might cause is that it will be very difficult to change your speaker setup should you ever want to move it.

Keep in mind that this method takes a lot of time and effort and should only be employed when you’re sure that your speakers aren’t going to need to change position anytime soon.


Your speakers are not only a source of sound for your music and movies but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your house; but if you have a complicated setup, it might get messy and look out of place in your house or recording studio. There are a number of tips you can use to keep your setup clean.

This article outlines keeping audio clean – tips on how to hide speaker wires. We hope that we’ve given you a good idea of how to make sure that your setup not only sounds great but also looks sophisticated.

If you’re interested in similar topics about speakers and the equipment concerning them, feel free to check out our other articles, as well!

If you are hoping to hide your speaker wires, there are many different ways that you can go about it. We hope that this guide has been both helpful and concise.





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