Finding The Best Speaker Stands For 2021: A Buying Guide

Finding The Best Speaker Stands

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Music is better when heard correctly. When speakers are placed on the ground, they receive too much vibration that dampens the final sound output, as a result, different pitches are hard to find.

We want to help you find the best speaker stands that are also affordable to your budget. Continue reading this buying guide to find the best audio speaker stand to preserve the value, color, and integrity of your sound.

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Product Name Our Rating Check Price
Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands
Winner: Mount-It! Universal Fit Speaker Stands VIEW ON AMAZON
Runner-Up: Bose FS-1 Speaker Stands VIEW ON AMAZON
Best Satellite Speaker Stands
Winner: Mount-It! Speaker Stand Set VIEW ON AMAZON
Runner-Up: Sanus Speaker Stand VIEW ON AMAZON
Best Desktop Speaker Stands
Winner: Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Pads VIEW ON AMAZON

Why Should You Choose Speaker Stands Carefully

When listening to music, watching a movie, or recording a song, the sound is the most important part of the experience. When your speakers are placed in the wrong position, you miss out on the small nuances that are required to hear exactly what is played.

Speaker stands in living room


That’s why you need to choose your speaker stands carefully. There are some models that don’t effectively hold up the speakers, resulting in a waste of money and a reduction of your music’s overall sound.

To choose the right speaker stand, you’ll have to spend some time researching which speaker stands perform better than their competitors. This can take some time; so we decided to help you via reviewing 5 best speaker stands found online and in stores.

On What To Pay Attention For In Speaker Stands

If you’re looking for your first speaker stand, you’re going to have to know the specs of the stand before buying it. This ensures that you get the stand that you want and one that performs well with the speakers in your home.


The larger the speaker stand, the most volume and room it has to hold up your speakers. We suggest that your speaker stands are around 18″ – 24″ wide. For professional speakers, you’ll need a stand that’s at least 30″ or above.

Measure the dimensions of your speaker before getting the stand. You’ll save time and money as it will support your speaker without it falling and potentially damaging the speaker and the stand itself.


Even if you’re not planning on showing off your speakers, the design of your speaker stands is very important. The stands must be made so that they can support your speaker’s weight without failure.

Search for speaker stands that have wide top shelves and bases. This allows you to keep the speaker tightly positioned on the stand and stops it from becoming damaged or destroyed.

After your check the performance features of your speaker stand, keep its functional design in mind as well.

Mount-It! 2 Satellite Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver (MI-28S)


Speaker stands come in two different types of construction: metal and wood. For users in need of a sturdy speaker stand should go for a metal stand. Metal stands have more durability and can hide the wires easier than wooden stands.

Wooden stands have a more aesthetic appearance and can give your room a more classic look. While they are more likely to break, high-end wooden stands can keep your speakers held up for just as good as a metal stand. Pay extra for a wooden stand if you want the best results.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is measured based on the three levels of sound you’ll hear in a musical piece or a sound wave. Highs, mediums, and lows are all three different pitches that are created once the sound is produced.

Sound Quality

Getting a speaker stand places the speakers in a location where you can hear the sound in its natural form. Before buying, test out the stands to see which one hold your speakers the best. The one that helps you hear the most sounds is the one you should choose for your final purchase.

Listening Height

Two things you’ll have to keep in mind when finding the right listening height: the listening axis and the hearing height. The listening axis is the area that’s placed in front baffe of the speaker.

As a rule of thumb, the listening axis and the hearing height must be in equidistant from each other in order to produce a full and complete sound.

To hear the sounds more fully, you have to place them at the correct height. Your ear height is the height at which your ears can hear the sounds correctly. You’ll have to place the stand at an ear height of 36″ – 38″ to get the best feedback from your speakers.


Most importantly, you have to know the purpose of buying a speaker stand. The main purpose should be to put your speakers in the right position to deliver the highest level of sound possible. Sometimes this means mounting your speakers on a wall, ear level, or in a higher corner in your room.

speaker stands


Your speaker stands should be easy to move whenever it has to be placed in another location in your room. This allows you to hear it at any height or level. Understanding the purpose of your speaker stands is important in utilizing its potential to its fullest capability.

Few Buying Tips

Check out our buying tips to help you get the right speaker stand within your price range.

Choose A Stand That Has A Solid Feel

We cannot stress this enough. Stands that are cheap feel flimsy and are prone to breaking faster. You’ll have to find a stand that feels solid and won’t fall once you touch it. To conduct a stability test, hit the stand with your knuckles.

There are either two things that can occur. First, you can hear a loud sound coming from the stand.

This means that your speaker stand is too weak and won’t be able to hold your speakers up for long. If this is a problem with the stand, you might have to look for another one. Speaker stands should be able to take some sort of physical impact without toppling over and damaging your speakers in case of the occasional accidental bump.

Or, the stand will make no or little sound at all. If this occurs, then your speaker stand is of good quality and will hold the weight of your speakers with no problem. Make sure that your speaker is equal to the size of your stand so that it can fit properly.

Choose A Stand That Compliments The Color, Style, And Appearance Of The Speakers

This is overlooked by most first-time shoppers. You want to have a stand that looks good with the speakers. To do this, both the speaker and the stand must have matching colors.

Choosing different colors is possible, as well, but it’s not recommended if you want to maintain a professional appearance (for example, in a recording studio). However, you can always go for contrasting colors if it matches the theme of your house. For example, in the picture above, you can see that the brown and black combination of the stands and speakers fit in with the overall aesthetic of the room.

Speaker Stands - Pallet Ideas

Different colors is possible, but is not recommended if you want to maintain a professional appearance

Make Sure Stands Are Stable And Cannot Be Tipped Over

The best speaker stands are ones that can constantly play sounds from your speaker without tipping over. In your home, children and pets tend to get in the way of your wires, which can result in your speakers falling over.

To prevent this, you have to see if the stand is stable. It’s better to buy a metal stand than a wooden stand for this scenario. Wooden stands won’t last and are more prone to tipping. If you do insist on getting one, make sure that it’s at a safe distance from any human interference.

Insist On Buying Speaker Spikes

Speaker spikes help the stand from coming in contact with the floor. It makes it easier to lift up the stand and gives the stand a nice polished look. Some speaker stand models come with them. If not, you should buy some to improve the overall effectiveness of your speaker stands.

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Our recommendation for the best bookshelf speaker stands:

Winner: Mount-It! Universal Fit Speaker Stands

Ranked first is the Mount-It Speaker stands. It’s regarded as the best bookshelf speaker stands in the market. It has a sturdy aluminum pole which can be adjusted to the user’s needed height. Buy this stand on Amazon at a price around $64.



  • Top Shelf Dimensions – 8″ x 10″
  • Rust-resistant black powder columns
  • Aluminum pole is 18″ tall
  • Easy to Install


First, the speaker has a tempered shelf and has an aluminum covering. This results in a clean and modern design. Besides, the black coated paint allows it to stay in good condition and prevents the stand from attracting rust.

If you look at the bottom of the stand, you’ll notice spikes and rubber pads that help the device stand up. They are suited for carpets and hardwood floors. With a weight rating of 22lbs, it can hold most speakers without tipping over by accident.

Unlike competing products, the Mount-It! Speaker Stands makes it easy to connect cables to the stand. They allow users to place it directly on their speakers which helps reduce the chances of tangling. If you want a no hassle wire installation, you can’t go wrong with this speaker stand.

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit

Our Rating


Consumers liked this speaker stand because of its easy setup. On average, it took shoppers a total of 40 minutes to fully install the stand. Simply follow the instruction manual, screw in the spikes, base, aluminum poles, and the top shelf tightly, and you’re good to go.

On the other hand, there have been a few concerns about the speaker stand. For example, the device has a low durability. There have been rare occasions where the device would break under after 2 months of usage. Feel free to call for a replacement if this issue occurs to you.

Overall, the Mount-It Speaker Stands is the best speaker stands for bookshelf speakers in the market. Not only does it has a sleek design, but it functions well and allows users to optimize their speakers as they please. Get this product today if you want a difference in your sound quality.

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Runner-Up: Bose FS-1 Speaker Stands

Next up is the Bose Speaker Stands. This stand features nonhollow metal stands that increase the sound of your speakers on any flat surface. You can have this stand on Amazon at a price about $83.

These speaker stands are designed to be sturdy and strong for secure and safe positioning of the bookshelf speakers. They were crafted to fit on any flat level flooring while still fading into the background of your interior sound setup. Thus, making them good stands for residential use.



  • Cord Channel
  • Steel Base Stands
  • Compatible with other Bose speakers
  • Optimal Sound & Listening


You’ll also like these speakers because of its height placement. By raising them to the optimal and required height, you’ll receive the highest quality sound out of a speaker system. Look into this stand if you want something that can deliver the “movie” level sound you desire.

One feature that sets it apart is its hidden cord channel. This means you can tuck the speaker’s wires out of plain sight. As a result, children and pets can’t tamper with the sound system and damage the stand.

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands (pair) - Black and Silver


Our Rating


Don’t worry about your floor becoming damaged by the stand. The Bose Speaker Stand has rubber pads that prevent the bottom of the stand from obstructing the surface. As a result, the speaker system is robust and is guaranteed to last longer than competing devices.

However, you might want to watch out for the speaker’s lack of spikes. This might be a problem if you’re into acoustics. Still, you can purchase an extra set of spikes from Bose at a low cost.

Still, the Bose Speaker Stands are great for users who want a high-end speaker stand. The stand keeps the speaker stabilized and in an optimal position for a high-quality sound experience. Purchase this speaker stand today if you want your speakers to have the best support available.

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Best Satellite Speaker Stands

Here’s our recommendation for the best satellite speaker stands:

Winner: Mount-It! Speaker Stand Set

Just like the previous Mount-It! product on this list, the Mount-It! MI-28S Speaker Stand comes with not one, but two high-quality speaker stands.

The only difference between the two stands is that this one comes in a finished and polished silver design. It’s on Amazon at a price about $64.



  • 0.5″ thick tempered glass
  • Safe to use on flat flooring
  • Aluminum Pole for wire management
  • Supports up to 22lbs
  • Easy Assembly


The speaker stand’s man feature is its universal compatibility. For instance, they are compatible with Bose, Sanus, Audioengine, and other sound equipment systems. Users like this stand because it can be easily used in almost any setting and can pair with any device.

And, this speaker stand features a tempered glass top shelf. It’s 5″ thick meaning that it won’t break due to small obstructions. This increases the stand’s durability and makes it easier for users to place their speakers on the stand without the fear of it breaking.

Mount-It! 2 Satellite Speaker Stands for Surround Sound Home Theaters, Glass and Aluminum, Clear and Silver (MI-28S)

Our Rating


People loved the aluminum poles that come with the stand. The poles allow you to hide your wires inside of the pillars safely. As a result, you’re unable to trip over the wires and reduces the chances of them becoming a safety hazard.

Also, the carpet spikes are another great feature. For instance, the silver-coated spikes allow you to lock the speakers in place. The speakers will remain secure while in use and won’t tip over unless an excessive amount of force is applied.

There have been a few consumer complaints about the size of this speaker stand. They argued that the 23.3 x 14.1 x 4.9 dimensions is too small and don’t create the optimal listening environment. While this is true, it still creates a safe place for your speakers to rest on.

Mainly, the Mount-It MI-28S Speaker Stands is the best satellite speaker stands money can buy. They keep your speakers in a fixed position and allows them to deliver the highest output of sound possible. For the serious music engineers or your average music aficionado, this stand is perfect for you.

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Runner-Up: Sanus Speaker Stand

Placed fourth on our list is the Sanus Speaker Stand. It features an adjustable height stand from up to 26″ – 39″ inches. This is great for users who have to adjust the height to their desired setting constantly. You can get this product on Amazon at a price around $52.



  • Adjustable Height
  • Steel Pillars
  • Internal Wire Concealment
  • Fits speakers up to 4 lbs
  • One tool assembly


This speaker stand is perfect for lightweight speakers. For instance, it can hold up to 4lbs of speakers without the speakers tipping over or becoming damaged. Making it a great product for novices who want a mobile sound system.

Plus, the Sanus Speaker Stand has a teardrop base placed on the bottom of the stand. The base includes carpet spikes and rubber feet to keep the speakers planted on the carpet. This increases the stability of the stand and helps users keep their speakers properly aligned.

Sanus Home Theater Series Adjustable Height Speakers Stands for Satellite Speakers


Our Rating


Mounting your speakers have never been easier. The Sanus Speaker Stand has a Quick Mount feature that helps users place the speaker right on the stand. All you have to do is place the speaker on the stand and lock it with Sanus’s keyholes placed on the back of the device.

People like this speaker stand because of its steel pillars. The pillars are about 18″ tall, which is the optimal size if you want an accurate sound output. Due to their size, users can easily hear their music without receiving any vibrations that will tamper with the sound.

We did not like the plastic ring that’s used to adjust the height. Adjustable speaker stands need to be sturdy, and consumers complained that this device did not meet up to that expectation. If the ring breaks, get a replacement.

For its price, the Sanus Speaker Stands is one of the best stands around. It keeps your speakers in the right position so that it can create the best sound possible. You should buy this if you want to take your music sound to the next level.

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Best Desktop Speaker Stands

Here’s our recommendation for the best desktop speaker stands:

Winner: Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Pads



  • Sizes: Medium to Large
  • Quantity: 1
  • Recommended speaker types: A5+ or P4
  • Color Black


Last on our review is the Audioengine Desktop Speaker Pads. They are known as the best desk speaker stands in the market. Everyone in the music industry uses this as the standard speaker pads in their studio. You can buy this on Amazon for a price about $37.

One of their main features is the high-performing silicone. The silicone acts as a protective layer when placed on the speaker. It also stops it from damaging the floor that it’s placed on. You’ll like this product if you want a speaker stand that’s durable and can keep your speaker safe.

Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)


Our Rating


How does it work? It works by dampening and reducing vibrations in order to improve the sound quality. We like this because it helps the device’s sound reach its maximum level. Shoppers like this speaker pad set due to its affordable price and its sound protection.

The Audioengine Desktop Speaker Pads ability to fit most desktop system. It’s preferred that they are used for Audioengine’s Speakers. This will amplify the sound faster, leading to a more dynamic sound out of your speakers.

Another thing that sets this speaker pads apart from its rivals is its angling feature. It’s able to angle your desktop speaker towards at a 15° angle. Shoppers and regular customers see this speaker stand as a flexible and mobile device.

People across the board did not feel comfortable using the angling feature. It would make the speakers become placed too high so that it could not hear some of the mid and low pitches. Position the speakers to at least a 5° in order for the sounds to be heard.

If you place the speakers in such a way that they point in rigid directions, you might have some “deaf” zones in your room. This means that the sound quality in some places is slightly worse than in other parts of the room, and not everyone present will be able to hear the speakers the same way.

If you want one of the best desktop speaker stands, then the Audioengine Desktop Speaker Pads is worth the investment. The soft foam of the stands helps the speaker remain in place and can be positioned to the correct sound setting. Plan on buying this product the next time you go out shopping.


Final Verdict

After completing our research, we believe that the Bose FS-1 Speaker Stands is the winner. They have a strong steel base, which can handle more abuse than the other stands on this list. And, they can keep your speakers protected by the soft rubber padding.

Mount-It! Speaker Stands for Book Shelf and Surround Sound Speakers, Universal Fit

Ultimately, this is the best floor speaker stands that you’ll find online. For audiophiles, recording artists, and sound engineers, or your average homeowner, the Bose FS-1 Speaker will fail to disappoint you and will remain in your sound setup. Their solid construction and sturdy base, along with the placement height, all contribute to making your audio experience better.

Final Word

Finding the best speaker stands for your home or professional audio needs can be a tricky task with the number of options available on the market today. You have to consider the pros and cons of each of them and know your own requirements before you decide on a choice.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best speaker stands available on the market today. We hope that this has helped you make an informed decision about which one of these options is the best fit for you.

If you’re interested in similar topics about speaker stands, feel free to check out our other buying guides and reviews, as well!





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